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10 Tips to Love Your Partner the Way They Want to Be Loved

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As great as being in love can feel like a natural state we either experience or don’t, we have much more say in it than we may feel. 

The study has displayed that taking more loving and caring moves can make couples feel more in love. 

In this way, there’s much fact to the idea that love is more a verb than a noun. The more we express love, the more we ignite it in our mate and develop it in ourselves.

Most people wrongly think that love is a sense or feeling. Here’s the thing, they have it all mistaken.

To be more loving, you have to understand what love actually is. It’s not just a sense or feeling. It’s a Promise. It’s an Action. It’s a Determination.

Those initial emotions and feelings–the butterflies, the heart flutters, and the buckling knees, are all part of “falling in love.” 

It’s like a knee-jerk response. It’s not intended, and it doesn’t last. It’s a short honeymoon period that finishes if the relationship stays for any length of time.

True, genuine love starts after the magic wears out, after the honeymoon ends and real life begins. This is awesome news! 

If we learn that loving someone starts at the end of the buckling knees, then we are prepared, we don’t give up. 

We don’t feel, “Oh, no, it’s over! My heart doesn’t beat anymore, and the butterflies? What butterflies?”

If you’re now in a relationship that you feel is spinning the drain, or one in which love has fled the coop, or so you think, then you’ve got a nice surprise coming. It doesn’t have to be over!

Read on and learn some of the viable ways in which you can learn how to love — become more devoted, win your spouse back, and enjoy a lovely and satisfying relationship. Once you know what real love looks like, it will be easy to execute.

You might be feeling that this is too good to be true. And that’s fine, you can’t always help what you feel.

But here’s the thing, it isn’t too fine to be true. You can become a more loving partner by using the following suggestions for your relationship.

Are you ready to become a more loving partner for your partner? Let’s go!

1. Invest Time In Your Relationship

A workaholic person who works 60 hours a week might say, “I love and adore my family so much. I’m working hard to feed them.” This is not love. 

Remember, love is not a sense or feeling; it’s not words. It’s an act that you choose to take.

Every relationship demands time from both partners in any relationship. One of the most significant ways to show love is to spend time with the person you love. 

After all, time is our most cherished possession. You show someone you love them by spending a good quality time with them.

If you want to become more loving and affectionate, find time to bond with your loved one. You can do this with a simple text, a phone call, or a lunch or dinner date. Be innovative.

2. Always Listen To Your Partner

When we spend a lot of our time with someone, on the one hand, we may sense we know them better than anyone else. 

On the other hand, we may stop seeing certain things about them as they become more familiar to us. 

This isn’t because we’re not curious or don’t care. It’s usually just because our lives can get busy, routinized, or satisfied that we stop actively getting to understand the other person.

Paying attention to what our mate says sounds like the most evident tip we’ll ever hear, but it’s something we have to remind ourselves to keep accomplishing. 

Make a mental note of when they say something that matters to them or something that thrills them. Urge them to be spoken about and ask what they like or what they want.

3. Be Devoted to Your Relationship

Any relationship needs commitment from both the persons involved in the relationship. 

Determine that you are going to be in the relationship; that you are heading to work toward its growth; that you will feed it to the best of your ability.

Without that promise, you don’t have the necessary basis to build a loving and devoted relationship.

4. Express Your Love

There are numerous effective ways to do this. As we all know that your actions speak louder than the words.

Find ways to share your love through action. Get home a treat, do the dishes, make dinner for the family, leave a sweet note in his favorite coffee mug, etc. 

As a writer, one of my favorite approaches is, to show, don’t just tell. Take an action, yet small, that SHOWS your mate you love them.

5. Be Impromptu or Spontaneous

Relationships can tumble into ruts. Years together can darken the excitement felt in the commencement when everything is new and fresh. 

Relationships don’t have to stay that way forever. The excitement you felt at the start of your relationship is not there anymore and gone somewhere with the passing of time. 

It is the time to bring back that excitement in your relationship again. Spontaneity can revitalize any relationship. 

Spontaneity adds a thrill and excitement to any relationship. Try surprising your spouse this week and see their reaction!

6. Try to learn more new things about your partners

None among us are mind readers, and we can’t be anticipated to intuit what another person wants and needs at all times. 

It is more than okay to ask questions and inspire our spouses to let us know where they are at and what they need from us.

By that same standard, we should keep scanning in with ourselves about what we need and want to make us feel adored and fulfilled. 

As much as doable, we should be open with our spouse about these things—and not wish them to mind reading either. 

By urging a free and natural back and forth, we become more vulnerable to each other and more competent in showing each other what we want.

7. Surprise Your Spouses With Customize Gifts

Gifts are adored by every person. To maintain the excitement and freshness in your relationship, surprise your spouses with special custom gifts

These days they are a super trend in the market. You can find custom gifts for birthdays and anniversary custom gifts easily in the market.  

Here we are suggesting some personalized gift items that you can give to your spouses.

Personalized Mugs

Your day starts with a cup of coffee or tea. Gift your partner a couple sets of personalized mugs  with your cute couple pictures over it and enjoy a long conversation with your partner over a cup of coffee.  It will make a perfect nice gift for your partner.

Customized T-Shirts 

How about wearing the same t-shirt as your partner? Sounds romantic right!! So don’t think about it, just do it and gift your partner a matching custom T-Shirt as you with some cute notes written on it. And enjoy the happiness on your partner’s face. How romantic!!

8. Admit the Kind Things Your Mate Does

One of the modes to be a more loving partner is to realize all your partner does for you. You might be taking your mate for granted and not even acknowledging it.

Do you show your gratitude towards them for doing the laundry, walking the dog, making dinner, doing the dishes, working out, replacing the soap and shampoo before it runs out, dropping children off at school, etc? 

There are a million small things that keep a home going, and it is easy to forget that a person is doing it. Admit it.

For instance, here I am sharing my story. My spouse had just taken a shower one day when he said, “Thank you! I never have to be concerned that I won’t have shampoo or soap. It is always already there. I really respect that thing of yours.” I felt nice and fuzzy after hearing that. It made me feel very admired. Your mate will feel the same too.

9. Provide space to each other

Clinginess can engulf a good and happy relationship. Too much of anything can be harmful to its survival. 

Yes, it is good to spend time together. In fact, I advise it, but it is also good to find a wholesome balance.

Providing space means you let your partner express himself/herself in the way they enjoy. Letting your spouse spend time with friends and family is important. 

You don’t have to be there by their side 24/7. Make a space for your mate so that they can express their creativity. 

Allow them to be them without you. Remember, they were individuals long before you came along in their life.

10. Don’t Get Stick On The Old Issues

It might sound absurd and crazy to bring up past matters and hurt while in an argument, but almost all couples do it all the time. 

It is not unusual for a spouse to say, “Remember when you broke that vase and you said you’d return it and you never did? You’re just as clumsy as ever!” 

The spouse stares shocked. “But that was years ago! Why are you bringing that past matter up now? Just because I accidentally fell on your cup and broke it?” You can notice that this heated argument between you and your spouse can soon turn into a fire.

There is no sense to bring up past matters in current arguments. Ask yourself: “What’s the point? What am I trying to achieve? Am I trying to resolve the problem or make it even worse?” 

Old matters have no place in the current matters. Let them go. Focus on the here and now.

The bottom line is: to make your relationship more assertive, not weaken it.

Winding Up!!!

Love is the most beautiful feeling on the whole earth. Being loving and caring is the most amazing and unique gift you can give. 

All the heart flutters, the butterflies in the belly, and the buckling knees can’t replace genuine and real loving actions.

Don’t let your relationship be fed by just stringing a set of words together. It is worth more than that. 

It takes a Promise, a Commitment, an Action, and a Decision. Accomplished over and over again.

You have everything you need right here. It is the beginning you need to push it to the finish line of your relationship. 

If your relationship has suffered damage, execute the above tips for a week, or a month. And See what happens.

I can see a second honeymoon in your future to a beautiful place. 
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