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How to celebrate your first wedding anniversary at home?

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There is no need  to say it because everybody already knows- life is pretty, different right now. COVID-19 has turned everything upside down. COVID-19 has changed everything in our lives. However, that doesn’t mean that all the precious celebrations have to be put on hold! For all those of you who are celebrating major milestones during this time, we’ve got your back! Birthday,celebration of first anniversary, 10th anniversary, celebration of silver jubilee or  golden jubilee of your parents or grandparents…

Whatever it is, we’re challenging you to enjoy this precious time together at home with your partner, family and friends or with your loved ones  while adding romance in the environment.

You may be feeling bad that you can’t go out to that expensive and fancy restaurant or take that exotic trip that you were planning, so for you only we’ve put together a full evening checklist of how you can celebrate your special day such as an anniversary at home!

Ways To Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary At Home

1.  Decorate Your House

Set the dining room table for two, pull out that fancy wedding china, pick some flowers from the garden or from the flower shop, light the candles, etc.

Want to recreate the setting from your very first date? Then don’t waste your time on thinking. Just Do it! It will make your partner feel nostalgic.

2.  Bake and Cook Together

What can be better than this to Cook your wedding dinner or bake your wedding cake for your partner! How sweet would it be to try and recreate your wedding reception meal together with your partner?

Use this opportunity to come close to your partner. If you can’t do that then pick a meal that holds special significance.

Was your honeymoon in Mexico? Make it a perfect Mexican night! How about your first date at the local Mexican restaurant? Tacos!! It doesn’t need to be fancy as long as it works for you as a couple. Want to get outside? Why not make it a perfect picnic with your partner?

3. Get Dressed Up

Just because you’re not going out on the town doesn’t mean that you can’t get dressed up for your special day! If you want to and if you can, then how about wearing your wedding dress for the special evening.

It could even be fun to pull out your wedding dress and wear it again for the special evening! Everyone always says that they wish they could wear their gown more than once! You and your partner could even stage another first look moment that you had on your wedding day.

So sweet! How perfect, the sweet and romantic moment would be for you and your partner. Only imagining that makes you feel goosebumps, right!! Then don’t think. Just go for it and make your special day more memorable.

4. Wine and Dine

How about making the special night ultra-fancy with some wine, cheese, and chocolate. As Everybody loves a good cocktail hour! Then what is better than to raise a toast for taking the best decision you both have ever made and celebrating that best decision of your lives.

Spending some quality time with your partner is just what you needed the most. Eat dinner with your partner. And spend some quality time with your spouse on your wedding day and make your day more romantic by dancing on romantic tunes and by adding some romance to the environment and making your evening a perfect memorable one.

This would be a simple wedding anniversary celebration at home but it will be a long memorable moment for you.

5. Take Blessings From Your Elders

In India, the elders of the family are considered as gods. People consider their elders as gods and offer respect to them. No functions or ceremonies can be complete without the presence and blessings of the elders.

Even marriage is said to be completed only after taking the blessings from all the elders present at the marriage ceremony. So you should also start your wedding day by following the ritual i.e; start your day by taking the blessings and wishes from your elders.

There is no better way than this to start your very special day. Blessings and wishes from elders are very important for every couple.

6. Plan A Dinner With Your Family

As there is a saying that family is not something actually family is everything.  Family is strong support for every person. No one can harm a person who is always protected by his family. When there is no one in need then there is a family who always supports each other.

And in this busy and hectic life of ours, we all have forgotten to give some time to our family, spending some time with our family. So make your wedding day an opportunity and celebrate your wedding anniversary with your family. Cook your dinner at home or order from outside.

Set a dinner table for your family and spend some quality time with them. And certainly, there is no better idea than spending time with your family on your wedding day.

7. Take a Look On Your Wedding Album And Watch Your Wedding Video

How sweet would it be to celebrate your anniversary by reminiscing about the D-day? Pull out your wedding photos and take out some time and enjoy looking at them together.

Remember each moment and why you’re so grateful to be with the other person. On the same note, watch your wedding video as well! Certainly, you haven’t seen it for a while. Take this as an opportunity and revisit your D-Day.

It would be a lovely and memorable evening spent with your partner. 

8. Give Homemade Gifts To Each Other

Nothing is better than a homemade gift. Gift your partner gifts made from your own hands and make them feel special on your special day. You can gift handmade cards made from your own hand to your partner.

Inside it you can also write some lovey-dovey messages for your partner. Through cards you can also express how grateful you are to have them in your life. This will definitely make your partner emotional and special.

9. Gift Each Other Personalized Mugs

To make your wedding day more memorable, gift  personalized mugs to each other with your wedding picture over the mugs. A personalized coffee mug with your wedding picture will be the most thoughtful gift for your spouse.

Every time your partner drinks coffee or tea in the mug, this will remind your partner about all those special, happy and sad moments spent together. This will be the perfect and the best gift for your partner.

Wrapping Up!

There you have it people. Enjoy your special day and make your wedding anniversary the best and the most memorable one. At last spending time with your partner and with your loved ones is what matters the most.

Hope from this blog you will get perfect ideas for your wedding anniversary celebrations at home. Do let us know how you celebrated your wedding anniversary at home and how much these ideas helped you in your celebration in the comments below.