10 Best Pre Wedding Shoot Locations Near Agra

Image Credit to Photography Tours India

Taj Mahal

Undoubtedly the crown jewel of Agra, the Taj Mahal stands as a timeless testament to love.Its intricate architecture and breathtaking beauty

Agra Fort

Agra Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasts a regal ambiance and architectural splendor

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Fatehpur Sikri

Just a short distance from Agra, Fatehpur Sikri offers a blend of Mughal and Persian architectural styles

Mehtab Bagh

Situated across the Yamuna River, Mehtab Bagh offers a breathtaking view of the Taj Mahal

Akbar's Tomb

A hidden gem near Agra, Akbar's Tomb is a magnificent mausoleum surrounded by lush gardens

Itmad-ud Daulah's Tomb

Also known as the Baby Taj, Itmad-ud Daulah's Tomb is a beautiful marble mausoleum with intricate inlay work

Sikandra Fort

Located on the outskirts of Agra, Sikandra Fort is the final resting place of Emperor Akbar

Rambagh Garden

A paradise for nature lovers, Rambagh Garden is a serene retreat in Agra.Adorned with vibrant flowers, lush greenery

Wildlife SOS Elephant Sanctuary

For a unique and unforgettable pre-wedding shoot experience, visit the Wildlife SOS Elephant Sanctuary

Ghats of Yamuna

The ghats along the Yamuna River present a picturesque setting for your pre-wedding shoot