10 Best Pre Wedding Shoot Locations Near Bangalore

10 Best Pre Wedding Shoot Locations Near Bangalore


Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Nestled in the heart of Bangalore, Lalbagh Botanical Garden presents a captivating canvas for your pre-wedding shoot

Nandi Hills

Escape to the serene Nandi Hills for a breathtaking pre-wedding photoshoot experience.With mist-kissed hills, beautiful sunrise views

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Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple

Embrace the spiritual essence and architectural splendor of Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple for your pre-wedding shoot

Grover Vineyards

Indulge in a taste of luxury and romance at Grover Vineyards.This enchanting vineyard offers a perfect blend

Guhantara Resort

For a unique and adventurous pre-wedding shoot, head to Guhantara Resort, a stunning underground resort

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Sommer House

Nestled in the outskirts of Bangalore, Sommer House offers a secluded and romantic ambiance for your pre-wedding shoot

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Shettihalli Church

Step into a fairytale setting at Shettihalli Church, an ancient and picturesque church surrounded by lush green fields


A hidden gem near Bangalore, Melkote boasts of ancient temples, scenic lakes, and traditional architecture

Cubbon Park

Right in the heart of the city, Cubbon Park offers a tranquil oasis for your pre-wedding shoot

Ulsoor Lake

Complete your pre-wedding shoot with a romantic lakeside experience at Ulsoor Lake.The serene waters, colorful boats