Best Pre Wedding Shoot Locations Near Punjab




Embark on your romantic journey at Doraha Fort, a historic gem in Punjab.With its regal architecture and timeless charm

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Sukhna Lake

Immerse yourselves in the tranquility of Sukhna Lake, a serene oasis in Punjab.Surrounded by picturesque landscapes and shimmering waters

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Garden Of Silence

Discover the beauty of serenity at the Garden of Silence, a peaceful haven away from the bustling city

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Moti Bagh Palace

Step into a world of opulence and elegance at Moti Bagh Palace.With its majestic architecture and beautifully landscaped gardens

Rock Garden

Embrace the artistic beauty of Rock Garden, a marvel of creativity in Punjab.This sculpture garden, adorned with unique and imaginative artworks

Phillaur Fort

Experience the grandeur of history at Phillaur Fort, a majestic structure that stands as a testament to Punjab's rich heritage

Rose Garden

Indulge in the romance of nature at the Rose Garden, a haven of blooming flowers and fragrant petals

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The Film City

Unleash your inner Bollywood dreams at The Film City, a hub of creativity and artistry.With its vibrant sets, picturesque landscapes

Jagjit Palace

Step into a world of royal luxury at Jagjit Palace, an architectural marvel that exudes splendor and grandeur

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Shalimar Bagh

Discover the beauty of Mughal-inspired gardens at Shalimar Bagh.With its symmetrical design, flowing fountains, and fragrant flora