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Top 10 Reasons Why do educated women in India believe in Karva Chauth and keep a daylong fast?

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As October comes, the celebration starts as the festive season in India kicks in. There are Navratri, Dussehra, Durga Puja, and Diwali which are the most famous occasions Indians across the globe celebrate and gear up for almost all year round!!

One such widely celebrated Indian festival is Karva Chauth. Karva chauth in India is the most widely celebrated festival. 

This ritual of fasting till the moon’s rise started as a day for married ladies to pray and wish for their husband’s long life, good health, and wealth.

Karva Chauth is the widely celebrated Indian festival across the globe. Educated women also follow the rituals of Karva Chauth.

It is not just about whether you are educated or not. In this world, there are different types of individuals who think differently. 

Because education does not mean that one has to give up their religion and faith. Religion and science eventually try to understand the same thing – Truth.

Fasting for a day can be quite refreshing to embrace your own flaws and weaknesses when most of the time all we do is try to be flawless and perfect.

There are many examples of movie stars and TV serial actresses who keep Karva Chauth fast for their husbands. 

The foreigners who got married to Indians also keep Karva Chauth fast for their Indian husbands. It is totally your own perspective. Which way are you peeking?

Below are top reasons for why ladies in India keep a daylong fast in Karva Chauth.

1. Some ladies keep a fast on the occasion of Karva Chauth because they respect our Indian traditions.

Some married and educated ladies keep a whole day long fast because they truly respect and believe in our Indian traditions and culture. 

They respect the beliefs hidden behind the celebration of the festival of Karva Chauth.

It does not mean that if you are educated you are allowed to disrespect our Indian culture and traditions.

These days even foreigners who are married to Indian boys keep fast for their Indian husbands. Why? Because they also respect and value our Indian culture and traditions.

2. Some married women respect our elders and family members’ feelings and keep fast.

Education not only teaches us to grow in our careers but also teaches us to respect our elders and family members. We have to respect our elders and family members and do as they say.

So women who respect their elders and family members’ feelings keep a daylong fast on Karva Chauth and pray for their husbands’ well-being.

 By keeping the fast for their husbands they manage to make their elders and family members happy.

3. Some married ladies believe the philosophy of the fast of Karva Chauth and keep fast for their husbands.

Being educated does not mean that you don’t have to believe the rituals and philosophies behind the Indian festivals. Education tells us to respect our respective cultures and traditions.

Some women really love their partners and believe in and respect the concept of Karva Chauth. So they keep a long day fast for their beloved husbands.

And this way they pray to the goddess for their husbands’ prosperity and health and want to increase the longevity and happy life of their respective husbands.

4. Festivals are the best way to fill our boring life with some colorful colors.

Festivals bring colors to our boring lives. They are the easiest way to add some colors in our boring lives. Karva Chauth is one such festival.

Some ladies keep this day long fast because on this day they enjoy their life from all day to day boring and exhausting home activities.

Working women keep this fast and take a break from their daily exhausting work schedule. It is a perfect occasion to give yourself a break from our exhausting daily routine.

5. Karva Chauth is the perfect occasion for ladies to get all dressed up and click pictures.

Karva Chauth is the best occasion for the ladies to get all dressed up. As it is a fact that ladies love to get dressed up and the Karva Chauth is the perfect time to get dressed up.

For some ladies keeping fast is just an excuse to get all dolled up and click pictures for their respective social media profiles.

6. Karva Chauth is an official chutti at offices for all the working ladies.

At your office all you need to do is just mention at your workplace that you are keeping Karva Chauth vrat and it would be so nice if you will get an off from your office. 

Now obviously, no leader would be as cold as to make you work without food and water, particularly in this wild and crazy October heat!.

7. Perfect occasion for getting loads and loads of gifts from your loving husband.

Who doesn’t love gifts? It is a complete lie if someone says that he or she doesn’t like gifts or surprises. To be very frank, everyone loves gifts and surprises. 

Everyone loves getting gifts and this is the perfect occasion for getting loads and loads of gifts. 

You love getting gifts and this is the perfect occasion on which you will be poured with loads of gifts and goodies.  You never know but your husband may surprise you with gifts.

Just secretly organize a wish list and forget it somewhere (preferably on your dining table or the likes where it can be smoothly spotted). 

8. Karva Chauth is an occasion for making your bond deep with your loving mother-in-law.

In our daily busy schedule it is tough for us to take out our time and spend some quality time with our family. It is important to spend some time with family and friends.

And for us working ladies, we don’t get time to spend with our loving sasu maa. No doubt, Karva Chauth is the best occasion to deepen our bond with sasu maa.

 On this one day, you and your sasu maa can choose to bond and become the best of buddies. After all, only a woman can understand well the feelings of another woman!

9. Eat all your favorite treats and delicacies on the occasion of Karva Chauth.

After keeping a whole day long fast, it is obvious that you want to eat something tasty or delicious. 

So don’t control yourself. Just eat everything you want to eat. Try everything which you have not eaten for so many days.

This is the most suitable time to sample and eat your heart’s fill of all your favorite treats and delicacies. 

Just take care you eat before your vrat so your body can fully digest everything and not pile on weight as you won’t be eating during the day!

10. Festivals like Karva chauth give the excuse of catching up with our old friends.

Tese days everyone is busy in their own lives. We all are so busy in our own lives that we don’t even have time to catch up with our old friends.

These days we all find bahanas to meet our own friends. Festivals are also one of the such bahanas. 

Especially ladies are so busy with their daily lives that they can’t take out their time to catch up with their friends.

Festivals like Karva Chauth are the best occasion for ladies to catch up with their friends.

Karva Chauth parties are the best time and place to catch up with all your old girl gangs from your school and college and indulge in some hearty gossip. 

Even if you are as busy as a bee, there is no one stopping you from enjoying this one day to your soul’s content!

Wrapping Up!!!

Karva Chauth in India is the famous Indian festival which is celebrated by married ladies across the country and now even across the globe.

Celebrating Karva Chauth or keeping a whole long day vrat has nothing to do with you being educated and modern.

It is on the person how much a person values and respects our Indian culture and traditions. How deeply a person respects the beliefs of our elders behind any festival.

Celebrating festivals are always fun. You get enough quality time to spend with your family and friends.

The history of Karva Chauth festival has a deep meaning in our Indian culture. It has a specific story and the story has significant meaning. It is fun to know more about our Indian festivals and culture.

Karva Chauth is a fun festival and if you are a modern and educated woman who turns up her nose at anything which you think is “unfeminist” then you should read up on this article to know why you might be better off celebrating.